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The lab combines chronic large-scale electrophysiological and two-photon imaging recordings with traditional and holographic optogenetic manipulations, using the mouse as a model system. We seek to understand how the evolution of parallel neural pathways has contributed to the spectacular development of the associative skills that characterize mammalian behaviour. We develop novel behavioural paradigms and precise tools to monitor drugs’ pharmacodynamic effects on the neural circuitry.

High-density electrophysiology

Multichannel recordings from head-fixed and freely-moving mice


Chronic two-photon, wide-field, and intrinsic imaging

Optogenetics and chemogenetics

Single and two-photon optogenetic and chemogenetic manipulations


Behavioural paradigms in virtual reality and open arenas

In vivo whole-cell recordings

Patch-clamp recordings in head-fixed
awake and anesthetized mice

Techniques: Research
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